Self-Care Rituals

We have all heard it before: “Make sure to take care of yourself.” But the reality is most of us are running on empty with nothing left in our tanks. We pack our schedules so full we have no time to just relax and enjoy the littlest things such as a cup of tea. How can we give to others if we are always worn out? The world around us begins to feel the effects. Our jobs suffers. Our relationship become rocky. And we begin to feel agitated with everything and everyone. By giving ourselves permission to enjoy those moments of stillness we can begin to release any feelings of guilt. The guilt we sometimes feel when we desire to do something that fills our souls and feeds us with new energy. Building these self-care rituals are essential for balancing all aspects of ourselves.

I see this all the time from other moms. Every one of us is running our children from one thing to the next, trying so desperately to keep up with this ridiculous chaos we choose buy into. We all would claim that we didn’t have time for ourselves. For so long I felt guilty for wanting quiet time in the afternoon. A time for just me where I could enjoy my tea tonics, read up on healing touch and spend a good hour practicing my yoga and sitting in mediation. I felt I couldn’t have it all. Either I would have to be that amazing stay-at-home mom that did crafts all day with my children and made everything from scratch and spend my days cleaning, cooking and attending to my children and husbands every need. Or I would be “that” mother. The mother that never has enough time to sit and play with her children because she was too busy fulfilling her own needs. But why couldn’t there be a balance? Why couldn’t I have both? I wanted time to myself AND I wanted to be an amazing mother. Over time, I started to give myself the permission to fulfill my personal needs. The more I let go of the guilt the more I began to find a balance. By taking care of myself I became a better mother, wife, and friend. Allowing myself time to reenergize means I am more patient and loving with everyone around me.


Sitting in the afternoon sun, enjoying my tea tonic and reading a good book. 

It’s okay to take time for yourself. By doing this we become these beautiful examples of balance for our children and the future generations. Allow yourself permission to let go and fill your bucket with whatever makes your soul sing. There is always time for those important practices that help us find balance in our lives. Allow yourself the freedom to spend time enjoying a long bike ride, or reading a good book. Take the time to do an activity that bring you happiness and joy each and every day because we are all worth it. We all deserve balance.