Balancing the Throat Charka

The throat charka is all about finding your inner voice and expressing it authentically. It’s about connecting with your creative expression and channeling it through whatever media, speaks to you. It’s honouring your feelings and emotions and not being afraid to ask for what you need or want. If you feel you are struggling with feeling heard and understood, struggling with expressing yourself in a way that feels best for you then this is a great charka to bring focus to. Finding a comfortable seat in meditation take a moment to rub your hands together to create some heat and then gently place your hands on your throat charka and repeat this mantra out loud. Connect to the vibrations that are released through your throat centre. Connect to the sounds each word makes. Repeat this as often as you’d like. When you are down release your hands to heart centre and bow head to heart taking a moment to honour your inner voice and all the beauty that comes from freedom of expression.


Colour: Blue.

Element: Sound.

Purpose: Expressing your inner voice, communicating, speaking your truth, creative expression.

Location: Throat.

Sound: HAM.

Crystals: Blue lace agate, Blue kyanite, Turquoise.

Food: High water content foods like soups, stews, warm tea, and coconut water, Sea vegetable and fruit with high water content.

Essential oils: Bergamot, Tea Tree, Chamomile.

Yoga: Neck movements, Cross bolster pose, Camel pose and Lion’s breath.

Ways to incorporate the healing energy of crystals into your day

There are MANY ways to use crystals in your everyday life. Each crystal is unique and carries with it it’s own vibrational frequency and energy just as we as are all different and unique. I wanted to share a few ways you can begin to incorporate the use of crystals to help you feel more connected and balanced.


1) One of the most common ways is to wear your crystals as jewlery or carrying them in your pocket or purse. This is a great way to use the protective and grounding aspects of certain crystals as you move throughout your day. Wearing crystals is a great reminder of your personal intention that you set forth.

2) Using them in meditation in the way of mala beads or simply choosing a crystal that carries the energy that you are needing and holding it in your hand during meditation. You can also place crystals around your yoga mat to set an intention and amplify your personal practice.


3) I absolutely love setting up crystals around my house to help in creating a peaceful and supportive environment. Picking out some beautiful crystal candle holders can really help to set the mood and create that connection.

4) Using crystals in your bath or even in your drinking water can help to yoke the cleansing energy of water with the healing energy of crystals. *Make sure to check that the crystals you are using is safe to be placed in water*

5) Placing crystals under your pillow can help to enhance spiritual dreams and open up a path way for a more deeper connection to your subconscious and even offer support if you are experience nightmares.

6) Using crystals in reiki and healing session to aid in balancing charkas can be a powerful healing tool.

7) A selenite wand is an example of a crystal that can aid in cleansing your aura and energetic space.

8) Setting up an intentional crystal grid with gemstones you picked yourself is such a beautiful way to create a visual for manifesting the things you want to bring into your life. Setting up a crystal grids is helpful during transitional times in life. Creating grids for healing, support, creativity, abundance, and so much more.


These are a few simple ways you can begin to use the healing powers of crystals each and everyday.


Stress: How to deal with it holistically

We have all gone through times in our life that have brought about periods of struggle. When we go through these moments we tend to go back to the old crutches that may not be the healthiest for our overall health. We may reach for that bucket of ice-cream and eat it while watching an uninspiring movie that just ends up leaving us more depressed and frustrated with our current situation. Many of these coping methods that we have grown accustom to lower our internal vibration, bringing on more negative energy. I have experienced this in my life more times than I would like to admit. Everything from Postpartum Depression, job loss, illness and even death in our family.

The only way I have found holistic healing is to see the pain as a whole system. You have to understand the depths of where the pain is coming from to truly be able to treat it holistically. It’s like an empty garden. It needs hard work, nourishment, sunshine, seeds, water and loving attention. Only then will you begin to see the fruit of your labour. In life you have to face the mountain of dirt to work through it; to mould it into something beautiful. I have cultivated many tools to help me during those difficult times and support my overall health on a day to day basis. These are my tools in my holistic tool kit.

1) I enjoy exercising and moving my body. I do yoga, run on the treadmill, bike, and walk to name a few of my interests. Do whatever You enjoy. It doesn’t have to be hard, just something to get you moving out that stagnate depressed energy, and bring up the “feel good” hormones.

2) I eat a well balanced diet full of lots of raw ” living” foods ( fruits/veggies and organic/local when possible) and lots of fluids. I thoroughly enjoy my herbal tea tonics. It helps to soothe away any stress.

3) I love massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, and energy work such as reiki or healing touch. These have been shown to be extremely helpful in releasing toxins that build up in our systems due to stress. It helps relax my mind and body.

4) I enjoy spending time in nature whenever I can: I’ll hug a tree, go for a walk barefoot, sit in the sun, go swimming in the lake, or just sit outside and breath in the fresh air. I love to do anything that brings me closer to the amazing healing energy the earth provides us with.

5) I make sure to take vitamins and mineral. Our food is shipped from all of the world, picked unripe and sprayed. Food isn’t as nutritious as it used to be so I make sure to supplement is a conscious and healthy way.

6) Do your research and educate yourself on the benefits of using topical or internal therapies such as epson salt baths, aromatherapy, homeopathic, herbs, vitamin therapy incorporating superfoods, and tinctures in to your daily or weekly practices. I have used these throughout the years for various aliments and to help aid in stress release. Find what works for you.

7)  I meditate and express gratitude daily. Spending time focusing your energy on all the things that bring joy into your life can improve your mood, your outlook on life and lightens the soul. Taking time to just be still and at peace even if for only five mins a day can dramatically improve your moods.

8) I set goals for myself weekly and monthly. Whether it’s personal, fitness, or business do something that brings you happiness. Focusing on your goals can help you appreciate the growth and changes that can be seen over time.

9) I get out with friends and family. I love my alone time but I enjoy the beautiful energy that comes from surrounding myself with people I love that lift me up. Laugh and enjoy the company of your tribe of people.

10) I practice visualization, self talk, self work and affirmations. I have also enjoyed learning about the quantum mechanics of healing. It is so fascinating how effective healing can be through the mind, and power of thought.

12) My most important realization is the need for SELF LOVE. Learn to love yourself even when you are not feeling your best. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all have our seasons in life that bring about challenges.  There is nothing ” wrong” with you and these feeling will pass as do the seasons.