Balancing Crown Charka

The crown charka is responsible for your connection to something beyond this human existence. It is where faith and trust reside. It is where we let go to the flow of life, “knowing” that we are exactly where we need to be. That everything is connected to a bigger picture we may not always see or understand but we know it exists. This is a powerful and very expansive charka. This charka can pull you out of this human experience and connect you to the universal energy. This is where we connect to our truth, God, divine energy and pure love. If you find yourself struggling with trusting the journey you are in, or you feel lost in this human experience this charka is a great one to work with.There are many ways to work with this charka, but the most obvious one is meditation. When working with this charka it is best to meditate in nature where you can connect to everything around you and become one with the earth’s energy. Guided meditation, a yoga nidra or a crystal meditation are a few great options.To stimulate this charka start by getting in to table top position and gently placing the top of your head on the mat and begin massaging the top of your head (make sure to be mindful to keep your neck safe) by rocking side to side and front and back you can say this mantra in your mind as you do this exercise. When you feel done with your massage you can come into a comfortable meditation position on your back in savasana and begin your guided meditation. Give yourself lots of time to transition when you come out of meditation.


Colour: Violet.

Element: Thought/consciousness.

Purpose: Awareness and connection to divine source whatever that means for you.

Location: Top of the head.

Sound: Silence.

Crystals: Amethyst, Quartz Crystals, Fluorite.

Food: Not related to specific foods rather; Fresh are, Sunlight and nature. Practice non-attachment to specific foods to balance energetic system.

Yoga: Meditation, Supported child’s pose, Savasana.


Balancing Third eye charka

The third eye charka is responsible for guiding you in achieving your true vision. It’s focus is to bring you back to trusting your higher self, your intuition, and your inner guide. This is a deep connection to your true vision of the life you desire.This “knowing” or intuition is so important for helping guide you along your path to your true potential. If you feel like you are struggling seeing your truth, or trusting that inner guide then this charka could use some extra love and attention. Come into a wide‐legged child’s pose. Toes connected, knees wide, sit bones to the heels. Bringing your chest to the mat, allow the space between your eyebrows (third eye) to rest on stacked fists or a block. Putting gentle pressure on that area you can say this mantra in your mind, focusing on bringing the energy from the words into that space between your eyes. Relax here for as long as you need.


Colour: Indigo.

Element: Light.

Purpose: Intuition, insight, guidance, wisdom.

Location: Between the eyes.

Sound: AUM.

Crystals: Lapis Lazuil, Soladite, Labradorite.

Food: Purple foods like figs, grapes, prunes, eggplant, purple cabbage, purple potato, etc.

Essential oils: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Lavender.

Yoga: Eagle pose thumbs on third eye, child’s pose with block under third eye, Tadasana with eyes up and slight back bend.

Balancing the Sacral Charka

The sacral charka is all about connecting back to our sensuality. It’s about living life with creative passion and deep desire. When we are balanced in this charka, we feel a healthy sense of confidence in who we are. We are deeply connected to our emotions and find a way to honour ourselves and that beautiful creative flow of energy. We can find ourselves out of balance when we feel we have lost our passion for life and adventure. If you find you are struggling connecting to what fuels that “fire” in your belly this charka is a great one to focus on. Lying down on your back or sitting in a seated meditation posture start by rubbing your hands together to create heat and place your hands on your lower belly. Repeating this mantra in your mind. Imagine with every mindful breath you breathe in fire and every exhale the flames grow larger. Inhaling expand your belly out and exhaling release the belly back down. Imagine your hands are sending healing energy in the colour of orange to this charka. Stay in meditation as long as is needed.


Colour: Orange.

Element: Water.

Purpose: Pleasure, emotions, passion, sensuality, creativity.

Location: Lower Belly.

Sound: VAM.

Crystals: Carnelian, Sunstone, Aragonite Star Cluster.

Foods: Hydrating foods such as topical fruits, and oranges food such as aprociots, oranges, bell peppers, yams and carrots.

Essential oils: Clary sage, Rosewood, Patchouli.

Yoga postures: Belly down on bolsters, Baddha Konasona, Supta Kapotasana, Supported bridge.

Balancing the Root Charka

The root chakra is about feeling secure and safe, having all our essential needs met. It’s about feeling protected, nourished, supported and grounded in your authentic truth. This chakra becomes out of balance when we feel a sense of “lack.” Worrying about money, or how we are going to support ourselves or our family can be leave us feeling far from grounded. If you are struggling with these feelings, this mantra is perfect for you. Find a comfortable seated position and imagine you have roots growing deep into the earth, repeating this mantra throughout your meditation practice. You can use prayer beads to guide you through this practice, or use ujjayi breath to help anchor you to the earth. Imagine on every inhale you are growing your branches upward and on every exhale your roots are growing deeper into the earth grounding you in every way you need.


Colour: Red.

Element: Earth.

Purpose: Support, foundation, stability, safety, grounded,meeting your essential needs.

Location: Pelvis.

Sound: LAM.

Crystals: Red Jasper, Hematite, Black Tourmaline.

Foods: Root vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, onions. Red foods such as strawberries, and tomatoes.

Essential oils: Ginger, Cypress, Sandalwood.

Yoga postures: Legs up the wall, Wide-legged forward fold with support, Tree pose. Poses that create a sense of grounding and stability.


Weight loss: The bigger picture

I started to struggle with my weight while experiencing huge fluctuations during my child-bearing years. Dealing with pregnancy weight, hormone imbalances, and postpartum depression, I couldn’t seem to find an internal balance. It was just over a year ago that I vowed to change the negative outlook I had on my body and my life. After going through a very difficult time, my life felt out of control. I had an unhealthy relationship with food which lead to an eating disorder. I was drinking alcohol to numb the grief I was experiencing and I felt lost under a blanket of depression. I knew this wasn’t the person I was deep down inside, nor was it the person I wanted to be. I made a promise to myself that I was going clean up the mess in my life. There were many valuable lessons I learned as I started to peel back the layers of pain I buried myself under. I learned that lasting change happens when we change our perception and live from a place of authenticity and personal truth. The more I pulled back these layers of personal heartache the more I could see a balanced and holistic way of living. I started to see that I had to change my lifestyle and it was going to take time and patience. These are the ways I found healing which lead to not only weight loss but to me finding my truth and releasing myself from old wounds that kept me trapped.

IMG_3816   IMG_1386


1)STRESS- No one seems to talk about how much stress can prevent weight loss and actually cause weight gain. Stress hormones that are out of balance can throw any hopes of weight loss right out the window. Not only do we experience stress in our everyday lives, we then add unnecessary pressure to ourselves while we try so desperately to lose weight. We worry about counting calories, and calculating macros while struggling to figure out whether we should be high-carb, low-fat, or low-fat and high-carb. Well I’m here to say all that stressing only make things worse. I eventually threw out all the diet books, guidelines, scales and stopped worrying about whether I was doing this “weight loss thing” right. Finding ways to help me keep me stress levels low was so important while I was losing weight. I found stress relief in practing daily meditation and yoga. I know its hard but find healthy ways to relieve your stress and help you relax. Be patient and trust yourself in the journey you are on. Rememeber to take it one day at a time.

2)ALCOHOL- I loved my glass of wine at night so much so that I felt I needed it to wind down after a crazy day. I thought I could lose weight by eating healthy and exercising while still have my wine in the evenings. It didn’t take long to learn that it wasn’t possible to have both. Not only is there tons of sugar in alcohol, but it causes water weight retention, mood swings and imbalances in your hormones. I lost weight when I quit drinking. My mind became clearer, my moods and hormones balanced out and I became healthier.

3)HORMONES- Stress hormones, female hormones, hormones while breastfeeding or after having a baby. There are many ways of balancing hormones, but most important thing to remember is to be patient. It take time after having a baby or stopping breast feeding for things to settle. It took me two and half years after having each of my children to start to see my body balance out.

4)CLEANSING- Cleansing the mind of the garbage we tell ourselves about ourselves. Cleansing our bodies by exploring anything from a juicing cleanse, to raw food cleanse, to vegan cleanse, to just cutting out sugar and processed foods cleanse, whatever floats your boat. Cleansing is SO important. We live in a world where we are always absorbing toxins from the air we breathe to the junk food we eat. We have to take breaks and allow our bodies a chance to heal and rejuvenate.

5)CLEAN EATING- Enjoy your food and the process of creating new types of meals. Sometimes it can be hard to retrain your taste buds to crave vegetables and whole foods, especially when you may not be accustomed to them. But the more you eat this way the more you miss it when you have junk food. I still allow myself to eat foods that I wouldn’t consider “clean” from time to time but my body ALWAYS lets me know. For me, this is no longer worth it, especially when I have access to so many amazing whole foods recipes that taste just as yummy. I find the cleaner I eat the more my body craves and thrives on the high nutrition. There is no special diet to follow just eat what has been provided by mother earth for centuries. Make fruits, vegetables, nuts and seed your main focus.

6)FOOD SENSITIVITIES- Mine are, eggs, gluten, and dairy. When I eat them I retain water weight and my digestion is sluggish. I feel like poop quite literally. I’m not energized to exercise or doing anything. My mind just isn’t in it. If this is you, I would start with a food elimination diet to see if you are sensitive to certain food. When I stopped eating the foods that bothered me the weight fell off pretty effortlessly.

7)DIGESTION- If your digestion is not working like mine wasn’t your body can’t function at its best. Your immune system starts in your stomach so taking care of that is SO important for weight loss and overall health. Take probiotics, fermented foods, and lots of raw “living” fresh fruits and veggies. All of these things have natural enzymes, and fibre in them that can help regulate your digestion.

8)MINDSET-You have to heal the mind. You can’t succeed if your are constantly telling yourself that you are fat, you are lazy, you are ugly. ALL that negative self talk has got to go! Know and believe you are going to succeed and achieve your goals. Know that you are beautiful in the process. Don’t just focus on weight loss but focus on becoming healthier and changing the way you see and feel about yourself. Learn how to love yourself and enjoy the process of creating the person you want to be. Journaling, mediation, and daily affirmations are a few ways to help you work through your challenges and increase the amount positive energy into your daily life.

9)HEALING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD- This was a BIG one for me. As I healed my relationship with food, the less I felt a need to binge and purge. It has been a healing journey that has taken time but I am learning to see my weaknesses when they arise and catch them before they get out of control.


Raw vegan tacos

Life is process of healing, growth, and self discovery. Weight loss shouldn’t be about the number on the scale. It should be about finding holistic health that is in perfect balance for YOU. As mentioned above, weight loss for me wasn’t a diet, it was about changing my mindset, my relationship with food, and dealing with pain that I was hiding from. When I started to heal from ALL those issues I naturally moved to a place of balance while finding a healthy weight that was right for me. Alway remember to love yourself in whatever part of your journey you are on. We are all beautiful beings. We are all divine creations of love. So love yourself through the whole journey and remember that health is the most important thing. A healthy mind, body and soul. All three need to be in balance to achieve holistic healing.