Melissa is a RTY 200 (registered yoga teacher), a meditation teacher, a master Usui reiki practitioner and a mom of three beautiful children. She is a born empath as well as a HSP (highly sensitive person) and has the ability to connect and pick up on subtle energy shifts naturally. She has a deep connection to nature and Mother Earth and feels most connected to her personal truth when grounding herself in the forest, on a mountain, or by the waterfront. She has a deep passion for finding healing naturally and holistically img_2394through energy work, a plant based diet, meditation, a daily yoga practice and the use of various herbs and natural healing modalities. She believes that finding a balance that works for each individual can be achieved with a deeper understanding of one’s unique and personal needs.she feels when we connect to our authentic truth and find love and compassion for where we are at we then have the ability to find our true calling and contribute to the world in the most loving way.