About four years ago I found myself overweight and barely making it through most days. I was unhappy with my life. Even more so I was unhappy with my outlook on life. I no longer recognized the person in the mirror. It was at that moment my world slowly began to shift. This is when I started on my path of self discovery and growth that was beyond anything I could have ever anticipated.

Growing up as an outspoken, free-spirited, artistic teenager I never really “fit” in. I was the one that wore the funky thrift store clothes that I had sewn and repurposed, with a crazy mop of curly hair, and whole lot of energy. I was misunderstood by most. High school was hard: it is for most teenagers. I experienced bouts of depression after my parents divorced and I was struggling to figure out who I was, and what life I would find myself leading. Out of high school I never found my footing. How I saw the world never really made sense to most people. The things I felt or experienced I always kept to myself for fear of judgement or criticism from others. I began to lose myself in becoming the “norm” of what society expects.

I eventually married my high school sweetheart and had three beautiful children. Such a beautiful life many would have envied, but I felt lost and broken. I spent years fighting postpartum depression in between pregnancies. Caught in the constant chaos of raising three children I had little to no time to find my inner bliss. Four years ago I made a decision to begin to take the necessary steps to finding myself. Learning how to love myself again. Learning how to heal myself.

This has been a crazy roller coaster ride that I never expected. I am learning everyday in every situation how to find the beauty in every aspect of life. I am learning to live a life of abundance and happiness, with humbled gratitude. My passion has always been holistic healing, natural living, and reconnecting back to nature. I’ve always had a desire to help other find their true authentic self and their idea of inner peace. In doing so I have been humbled in finding my path to my true authentic self. I have found a love for Reiki, Yoga, and mediation. In healing myself I found my voice again.

I want to share my journey with anyone that wants to learn more about self-love, self-care, mindful living, holistic healing, natural living, and whole foods diet. I want to share my journey with anyone who wants to be challenged to look at the world in ways we have never been taught to. To see the world with compassion, with love, with purpose. I’m so excited to share what I learn as I dive deeper into finding my true inner bliss. I would love for you to come along this journey with me as I navigate through the chaos of life. The real, raw, uncut version.