Living your Intentions

How often do you find yourself moving through life without fully experiencing it? You know those days, when you are driving towards something on auto pilot only to realize you are going the wrong direction. This is all too common in today’s busy world. Over stimulated we end up disconnecting from this human experience and the world around us as a way of coping. The pressures of life become too much and we lose ourselves in just “getting through the day.” What if you slowed down enough to fully experience life? What if you took the time to live with meaningful intentions? To allow your these intentions to guide you into the life you desire? How would this shift your experience here on earth? How would it change your preceptive and expectations? How would this transform your relationships with others?


So what does it mean to live with intention? Intentions are set forth by your intuition, your deepest desires. It is guided by your heart and pure love, which is for the highest good of yourself and all those around you. Intentions anchor you as you move through life, supporting you as you stay true to your core beliefs and your authentic truth. So how can be live a more meaningful life? How can be begin to experience this deep connections and appreciation for this human experience?

  1. Slow down: It is hard to connect to this way of living if you are moving so fast you don’t have moment to smell the roses. So give yourself permission to take on only as much as you can comfortably handle. It’s ok to say “no” to others and place up boundaries so you can find a healthy balance.
  2. Every morning ask yourself, “What is it I need today?”: Take a few short moments in the morning to write down how your feeling and what your wants/needs are for the day. This is a great way to set a focus for your day. Hold true to the intention by checking in with yourself and reconnect to your vision and goals.
  3. Make your morning intention meaningful: Make sure to take the time to self reflect and get to the core of what it is you truly need. Sometimes we think we need an extra cup of coffee when we really need more sleep. Or we think we need to clean the house and finish the do list, when we really need to take time for self-care so we feel more motivated to do the things that have to be done. So take some time to dig deep… “What is it you need/desire?”, maybe it is love, laughter, quiet, nature, or time journalling. Whatever it is, connect to the feeling of attaining that exact thing. Imagine how it feels to be fulfilled and whole.
  4. Throughout the day make time to experience the little things: When drinking your morning coffee, feel the warmth of the mug against your hands, smell the coffee, and sip it slowly and mindfully. Enjoy that cup of coffee as if it is a moment, an event, an experience. Throughout the day to connect to these experiences using all your senses. Listen to the wind, or touch the leaves on a tree. Take moments to really engage with the people around you, listen attentively and lovingly.
  5. Reconnect: This connections extents into everything and everyone. Taking time to connect to yourself by doing the things that make you feel balanced and happy. Connect to your partner by holding that hug just a bit longer. Connect to your child by listening to what they are feeling underneath the temper tantrum. Connect to the food you eat by making it lovingly. Bless or infuse it with healing energy or reiki. There is such a vibrational difference when someone cooks food with love, or when someone makes you a cup of tea with dried herbs from the garden. It feels more meaningful and the experience is more nurturing and fulfilling. This connections takes time and effort to develop but it gets easier the more you practice. This is the art of mindfulness.
  6. Find gratitude: When we slow down to experience life in this meaningful way, we can’t help but find gratitude for everything. You begin to see the world with new eyes. Smells become more intense, colours more vibrant. You start to notice the little things you never did before and it can feel like you are a child again experiencing everything for the first time. Send out intentions of thanks into the world around you. Thank the sun for shining, the trees for cleaning our air, your husband for his smile and the stranger for their kind words. Living with gratitude heals the deepest of wounds and offers light in situation that are otherwise dark. Learning to cultivate gratitude on a everyday basis is life changing.
  7. Be compassionate: Intentional living takes time to cultivate. When you strengthen this awareness everything comes more easily and you begin to crave this deeper and more meaningful connection. This connection is what feeds the soul in an incredible powerful and life altering way.




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