Cleansing, charging and dedicating your crystals

When purchasing crystals it essential to understand the importance of cleansing, dedicating and charging them before and in between uses. Picking your crystal can be done intuitively honouring which ones you are naturally drawn to. You can also search for ones that may helps with the specific situation or condition you are experiencing. Once you come home with your crystals it’s important to cleansing them of any energies that may have attached itself to it from others who have come into contact with it.


My favourite method of cleansing stones is done with burning sage and holding the crystal in the smoke. Other methods included placing it under running water or soaking in salt water just be mindful that water does damage some crystals so do your research. You can also cleanse the stones using other stones such as selenite. This can be done by placing them in the same bowl or waving a selenite wand over the crystals as a way to clear the energies.

Charging your crystals can be done by burying them in the earth and allowing the frequency of the earth to tune them. You can also charge them in the full moon or sunlight just be mindful the the sun can damage some precious stones.

Dedicating your stones can be done by using them in meditation, saying a mantra or prayer over them or placing reiki energy in them. The act of taking the time to do this set the intention forth that these healing tools will be used in a way the is for the highest good for yourself and others you may choose to use them on.

Hope that gives some simple and basic ideas for how to cleanse, charge and dedicate your crystals. Remember to cleanse in between uses especially when using it during meditation or a healing session. This allows the stones to release any heavy energy and return to its high vibrational state clear of any interference.

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