Restorative heart opening posture for releasing emotions and tension

Restorative heart opening postures are healing to the physical body as well as the emotional and spiritual aspects of self. These postures allow our heart centre to open up relieving tension in our front body, and allowing soften to occur in the shoulders and back body. This area is a notorious place where we carry lots of heaviness and tension not only from working at computers and desks all day but this is where grief is held. Feelings of sadness, heartache, suffering, shame and emotional turmoil. These postures can help to open up the charka to release any trapped energy and can help in healing the heart centre. This can be done at any time and you don’t need fancy props to do them. Use blankets, pillow and rolled up towel to prop yourself up.


Find the posture that works best for you and stay in it for as long as you like up to ten minutes. When coming out of the posture roll to your side and pull the props out from underneath you and then lay on you back. Planted your feet on the edges of your mat and allow your knees to fall in towards each other. When ready stretch your legs out and lay in savasana. Place left hand on heart centre and right hand on top and say to yourself.


”I find compassion for myself and those around me”
”I am open to giving and receiving love”
”I forgive myself and others”
”I am worthy of love”
”I am love”

Release your hand and place them next to you palms facing up take three cleansing breaths. Allow any remaining emotions and tension to melt away into the mat. Give yourself space, and compassion to let go completely.

If you found that emotions came to the surface, give yourself space to honour those emotions. Spend a few moments after your yoga practice to cleanse yourself and the space around you, clearing any heavy energy. Do this by burning sage, lavender, cedarwood, palo santo, or diffusing an essential oil such as sage.

Love yourself for where your at today! You are doing amazing!

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