Mold The Reality You Desire

The new moon is a perfect time to bring your awareness to what it is you want and desire. Manifesting rituals can be simple, fun and affective. These manifesting rituals can be done in MANY different ways so find what works best for you, this is just some ideas on how to get started.


Start by cleansing yourself and space around you with sage, palo santo, or other herbs of your choice to create a clear, positive space for self reflection and manifestation to occur.

Start by asking yourself a few questions:
-What is it I want to bring into my life?
-What are the things I want to change?
-How can I begin to make this possible?

1)Take time to self reflect on whatever comes to the surface when exploring the answers to these questions. Write it done and be as detailed as you can. As you writing imagine being there and having all of these things you desire. Make your goals reasonable and attainable.

2) At this time your welcome to infuse the note with reiki or simply say a prayer over it.

3) I absolutely love making a crystal grid with the letter underneath. If you choose to make a crystal grid, take the time to pick crystals that speak to you. Place care and intention into each crystal as you place your grid together. Do this when you are feeling balanced, grounded and in a good mind space.

4) I like to pick a few decks of oracle card to work with. You can pick positive affirmation decks or whatever speaks to you. I like to pick one or two cards from each deck, I do this very intuitively. Set out the cards next to your crystal grid. Having this set out in a place you see everyday a great reminder to stay focused and positive about your goals.

Leave the grid up for as long as you like. Listen to your intuition. Manifesting all starts with your thoughts, which become your actions. When you believe you are worthy of all the beauty in this world and that there is an abundance for us all, that’s when you can begin to move into creating the reality we desire.


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