Cleansing Our Energetic Space

We all know the importance of keeping our homes and ourselves physically clean but we sometimes forget the importance of keeping our energetic space cleansed. With spring in the air I have felt a strong pull to open all the window and sage the house letting out all the stale air from winter and allowing for new, light and refreshing energy to enter in. Cleansing the home, your personal space is super easy and can be done anytime you feel a need to.
Common questions about cleansing:
1) When should you cleanse(sage)?
You can cleanse anytime you feel called to. It could be following the moon cycles, or the seasonal changes. It could be after an argument or a stressful day at work. It can be after having individuals in your house that carries heavier energy that you want to clear. It could be when you are feeling overwhelmed and just need to press the reset button.
2)What if I can’t handle the smoke?
You can use essential oil such as sage, palo santo, sweet grass and diffuse it throughout your home as an alternative to burning.
3)What other types of things can I burn to cleanse instead of sage?
You can use palo santo, cedar, lavender, sweet grass, or incense. I truly believe that anything done with deep and meaningful intention will move the energy out. You don’t have to have the perfect products to make this happen. So use what you have if you don’t feel like going out to purchase anything.
Some simple tips for cleansing:
1) Ideally open up all the windows/doors to let out stale energy and allow for new and fresh energy to enter in. Make sure to cleanse every room starting from basement, up.
2) I like to say a releasing and clearing mantra or prayer as I do this just to set a deeper intention for this practice.
3) After I sage my home I like to burn some beautiful incense that I really enjoy. It can be sweet grass or lavender, cedar or simply an incense I picked up at the local holistic store. I like to bless the space by saying another mantra or prayer, inviting that intentions of love into the space.
1)Sage yourself after a busy, stressful day or after being around a lot of other people. This act of clearing your personal space can release you from any energies that might have attached to you from another person.
2)If you do not like sage and the smoke, you can make a cleansing spray with essential oils. This is great to carry with you or leave in the car available anytime you need it.
I hope some of these tips help you to find some new ways to release yourself from some of those heavier energies making room for light, and refreshing energy to enter into your space and home.

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