Full Moon Releasing Ritual

A releasing ritual can be done at anytime that feels right for you however following the moon cycles helps us to reconnect with where we are at on our journey and release the things that no longer serve us, all the while setting loving intentions of the new things we would like to bring into our lives. Practicing these ritual can be simple, short and sweet.


How to create a simple full moon releasing ritual:

1) Sit quietly in self reflection during meditation or during your personal prayer time and ask yourself these 3 question.
-What is it in my life I want to change?
-What is it in my life that no longer serves me on my personal journey?
-What is it I am ready and willing to release to create room for new beautiful things to come into my life?

Whatever first comes to your mind is usually the thing(s) that needs to be address the most. It’s your intuition guiding you, so trust it

2) Take a moment to write down the answers to this questions.

3) You can sage yourself and the space your in before safely burning the note as a way of “letting it go.” You can burn sage or adding other herbs with this note. If your attuned to reiki, this is great time to seal that in to your ritual as a way to help bring cleansing to this act of releasing. If you are not attuned to reiki you can always say a prayer or mantra over the burning note which I also love to do.

4) Release the ashes back to the earth by sprinkling them in the garden, or a special place in nature. Washing the bowl as a way of cleansing anything left behind from the ashes to represent starting off fresh, and new.

There are many different ways to do releasing rituals so find what works best for you. This is what has worked for me for a few years. Remember to always listen to your intuition and trust yourself. Make this practice full of intention allowing yourself space to visualization this act of releasing seeing this energy melt away. This is a power way of letting go to creating space for new ideas, opportunities and energy to enter into your life.

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