Cleansing: My holistic approach

About four times a year I find myself feeling a strong urge to cleanse my body, mind and soul. I take time to reflect on all the things I have accomplished and express gratitude for them. It is also a time to contemplate on the things in my life that may no longer be serving my higher self. I give myself the permission to take time to go inward to find clear directions on where I want to go in my life. I cleanse my mind of any negative self talk, judgments, and criticism I believe to be true about myself. I let go of old negative habits that have found their way back into my daily life and I replace these old programs with uplighting and positive affirmations.

For many centuries people have done cleanses. It has been practiced in many religions throughout history as a way to help people reconnect back to their spirituality. In nature, animals fast during times of stress, sickness or injury. We as humans naturally find ourselves cleansing our bodies whenever we get sick. Children are a great example of this. They intuitively know when there bodies need a rest to restore it’s self. Cleansing is a great way to check in with yourself and take time to nurture your whole being.


Green Juice

The ways I choose to cleanse my body, mind and soul are:

  1. DIET: I always simplify my diet and exclude as much high vibrational foods as possible, those being fruits and vegetables, organic and local when possible. I eat a vegan plant-based diet which consists of mostly raw, unprocessed foods, although I will admit, I am not perfect and do enjoy the occasional vegan junk food. Even though I choose to eat a very clean diet I find it beneficial to take breaks and do a juice/smoothie cleanse followed by a transition period that is filled with lots of raw fruits and veggies. I have chronic stomach issues and tend to carry lots of stress in my belly. This way of cleansing helps me to release any excess tension I’m holding on to and gives my digestive system time to restore itself. The amazing benefits I notice are better sleep, cleaner skin, better recovery after my yoga practice, regular digestion and more energy just to name a few of the physical benefits. The spiritual benefits are quite profound and harder to explain. Anyone who has done an extended cleanse may understand what I’m referring to. For me, the best way I can explain the spiritual aspects of a cleanse are a new refreshing sense of clarity, a deeper connection to my higher self, nature, and the world around me.
  2. SELF DISCOVERY: During this cleansing period I always spend lots of time practicing daily meditation and personal reflection. I journal everyday and record how I’m feeling. I recognize and let go of any past traumas or negative self talk that may come to the surface during this healing time.
  3. EXERCISE: I enjoy light activities such as daily yoga, going for walks, or bike rides–anything to get the stagnant energy moving out of me.
  4. NATURE: I spend time grounding myself in nature by tending to my garden, sitting in the sun, hugging the trees, or doing really anything that makes my feel connected to the world around me.
  5. NATURAL AIDS: Some things that aid in releasing toxins out of my system, whether that is physical toxins or emotional toxins are aromatherapy, salt baths, dry brushing, drinking herbal teas, getting plenty of sleep and replenishing my body with fermented drinks and lots and lots of water.
  6. ENJOYING THE JOURNEY: Lastly, I ENJOY the process. Whether it be a 100% raw food cleanse for a month or a 7 day juice cleanse, or 10 day smoothie cleanse, I do what is right for ME. I enjoy the time I give myself to relax, reflect, restore, release and rebuild.

Mediterranean style inspired vegan salad

Whatever cleansing you choose to do I strongly suggest you find what works for you and resonates with your personal needs. It could be anything from letting go of a toxic relationship to reevaluating your own damaging thought patterns. It could be as simply as cutting out junk food and processed sugars because it is beginning to have ill effects on your health. Holistic cleansing is not a quick fix to any given problem. It is instead a way to reconnect to your truth by taking time to love yourself on the journey and heal from the inside out. If you choose to make drastic changes to your diet or do a juice cleanse always do your research and consider seeking advice from a medical professional. Always make sure to go about whatever changes you’re making in your life in a holistic, healing way.

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