Create peace

We are creators of our own world. We choose how we see and experience the world around us. We choose everything from how we react in situations to how we see and experience events in our lives. Our perception is in our own control. It’s only when we give up our personal power that we become victims and blame others for the challenges we face. The words “create peace” places the responsibility on all of us as co-creators of this world. We can bring in as much positivity or negativity as we choose to. Isn’t that liberating to think that WE can create the energy that surrounds us?

Whenever I shared an especially difficult situation in my life with my mother, she would often say, “You can always choose how you react to every situation you are faced with.” This always drove me crazy. I would think to myself, “How is that possible? If you come into contact with a difficult, angry or even offensive person how can you NOT be affected, frustrated, or even annoyed? I mean, isn’t it their fault for pushing me into that place of displeasure?” Well, years later I finally understood what my mother was saying. She was right. By letting others control my emotions I was giving up my personal power. I was absorbing another person’s negativity and becoming a victim to it. By taking back what was in my control I could choose to shift my perception of everything I experienced.

By creating a place of calm and reason within ourselves we can begin to learn how to experience those rather difficult situation in a new more positive light. We shift our thinking and begin to ask ourselves questions to work through it. We can ask ourselves, “What is the lesson I’m meant to learn in this situation? Do I need to learn more patience? Or do I need to work at understanding another person’s pain on a deeper level? Or, perhaps I need to remove myself altogether, recognizing my own limitations.” By carrying this inner peace, we can create outer peace. We don’t fall into those negative cycles of emotional upheaval we are so used to. In doing so we can offer others a place of calm that most often helps to shift a negative situation into a more positive outcome.


Trying to see the positivity in every situation is a skill that takes time to learn. But when you carry that peace in you, you’re less likely to react negatively to difficult situations that leave you feeling drained of all your positive energy. You learn to protect the world and the energy you’ve created. You become that positive light for others. I once said, “We can not change the whole world, but we can all change ourselves. By each of us changing ourselves we end up changing the whole world.” By creating that peace in ourselves, we can marvel at how that harmony begins to extend into the world around us.

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