Finding the beauty that exists around you

There are times when the beauty of this earth is so breathtaking. You can look at pictures of the most magnificent landscapes from all over the world and sit in awe. Oceans as blue as the skies or mountains as grande as the heavens. Dark green Forests that carry such tranquility or wide open meadows speckled with stunning flowers of all colours, shapes and sizes. But what about finding the beauty in the everyday world we live in? We don’t have to travel to find this beauty. It exists everywhere, and in everyone. We don’t have to spend all our time searching; we just have to open our awareness to it.

I started to cultivate this awareness to help me move away from the seasonal depression I was experiencing at the time. There were many days in the dead of winter when I found it hard to feel a flow of fresh new energy. Beauty is sometimes hard to see when you are surrounded by grey clouds and heaps of snow, not to mention the freezing cold. Living in Canada, the winters can be long and dark. In December my indoor plants start to shed their extra leaves and go into hibernation. Being a bit of green thumb, I always find it comforting to attend to my indoor plants during the winter months. It is my way of replacing my desire for my outdoor garden, and the feel of the earth’s soil in the palms of my hands. On one dark December day, while I was doing my weekly routine of watering and trimming my plants, I noticed something surprising. I noticed a few of my plants were just beginning to bloom. Such a strange thing to happen in the middle of the winter, but there I was in my house surrounded by wonderful vibrant pinks and purples. As I sat back to appreciate this amazing unexpected beauty I stumbled upon this baby cactus I had started from a clipping I received from my mother-in-law. I must have planted this baby in reused soil because I started to noticed other sprouts coming up. The mother plant of my shamrock that had died previously seem to have spread some of her seeds in the soil I ended up reusing. These seedlings found their way to sharing their space with this baby cactus. Even where life didn’t seem to exist, it was found. Where beauty was forgotten and lost, it appeared again.


These are wonderful reminders of the beauty that always surrounds us. When we take the time to slow down and open our awareness we can find these gifts of light on those rather dark and dreary days. In each season of life there is always beauty that exists. In times of darkness, light will always follow.

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