Spreading the Love

Energy flows all around us. We can’t deny that we feel a shift when we walk into a room with tension, or an argument beginning to brew. We can’t help but smile when we hear a baby giggling. We are all aware of how our words and actions send waves of positive or negative energy out into the world. These waves of energy can be uplifting or extremely damaging. The quote by Martin Luther King ” Darkness can not drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that.” He was right on so many levels. With this in mind we can begin to move to a place of light, happiness, and peace by spreading love around like wildfire.

Last summer I went for a special bike ride with my oldest son. Time together for just us. We had come around to finishing half of our bike loop when my son expressed he need a rest. We stopped at a bench at the corner of a major intersection in our little town. I asked him if we could do an experiment. I said, “Lets wave at all the vehicles turning and see if anyone waves back.” He agreed to participate in his mother’s crazy idea. So we sat there waving as the traffic that went by. We got some smiles and waves, and some people that were just confused. But as more people opened up to the energy being created, the more they began to wave and smile. This beautiful exchange of energy grew our excitement. It wasn’t long before we were jumping up and down, waving and giggling as the people in the vehicles were honking their horns and smiling out their windows. The energy we created was amazing. We could all feel it around us. Even bikers and pedestrians that were passing by started in on this exchange of energy. It all started with a silly idea of mine to prove to my son the value of positive energy. Within fifteen  minutes we impacted more people then I could count. If even for a just for one moment, we brought a piece of happiness into their lives and it felt amazing!



Things that are done with pure intentions, with love, only bring more love. Even when it feels silly or ridiculous make sure to spend pieces of your day engaging in a positive energy flow with those around you. I can’t begin to tell you how many times over the last 10 years I have had beautiful conversations with an elder, or a homeless person while out and about. Those conversations were unique chances for me to spread some love and positive energy. We are all beautiful beings living on this earth together. Let’s support each other. Spread some healing to someone in need. Express gratitude to loved ones. Embrace every chance we can to share all this beautiful energy that surrounds us.





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