Love each day

Not long ago my uncle passed away from terminal cancer. His diagnoses was only a few months prior to his death. It happened so fast. It still feels so surreal. The last doodle he drew for his wife was one of a smiley face that had the caption, “Love each day” written on it. While my family was back home preparing for the funeral my mother sent me this picture in a text message. It immediately brought me to tears. “Love each day.” Those words are so powerful yet so simple, and sometimes hard to achieve.

Love the days that you are frustrated because those are the days that are growing patience within you.

Love the days that are challenging because those days are growing strength in you.

Love the days that are joyful and full of happiness. Those are the days that fill your soul with love and beauty.


And then there are the sad days…these are the hardest for me. For two weeks I held back tears and tried to go about my day ignoring that my heart was heavy. I couldn’t stop thinking of his passing and all the other loved ones I have lost over last few years. I was in the kitchen holding back what tears I could as I told my husband all I was feeling. I told him that I hated feeling this way, trapped in sadness. He said, ” Your struggling because your holding back the sadness. Let yourself cry and work through it. That is what will bring the healing you need to move forward.” I knew he was right.

So as hard as it is make sure to love the sad days. Love the days that are filled with tears and pain because those are the days that are healing your heart.

Love each day for all these moments are what make up who we are. These are the moments that shape our lives. Live in abundance of love and joy each and every day. This is what my uncle knew well.

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